It starts with a story. Everything does.

Last year, at the age of 30, I burned out. There was nothing dramatic about it. But several years of just going left me with little energy, no inspiration or creativity and feeling hopeless about the grind of life. I didn’t feel like me.

I started Be Wild | Be Well as a place to share my journey to redefine and refocus my life. It includes questions I’ve explored, tools and practices I find helpful, and inspiration to live a full and healthy life.

Being healthy goes beyond just eating the right foods and being strong in the body. It means that you are calm and clear in your mind, excited about LIFE and have the energy and confidence to make your dreams a reality.

So, what can you expect from Be Wild | Be Well?

FOOD – Plant-based
HOME – Small space living
BODY – Treat it like a temple
MIND & SOUL – Know the mind, feed the soul
ADVENTURES – Both little & big, everyday

Be Wild | Be Well is not a just another lifestyle blog. Life is far from picture-perfect. It’s messy. It’s beautiful. It’s complicated. It’s joyful. It’s sad. The lows can be devastatingly low, the highs unimaginably high. But in the Be Wild | Be Well spirit, we embrace this imperfection, we speak our truth, we own it, and we live as big and as bold as we can.

Be wild, be well.



About Me: I’m just a California-born, Hawaii-raised, lover of books, adventure, yoga, running and healthy living in Santa Monica. Be Wild | Be Well is my passion project. It’s where I share my search for purpose and small victories in living each day with joy and peace.

My partners in crime (okay, life) are my husband Matt and our one-and-a-half-year-old puppy Emory.

By day, I’m the Director of Content + Creative at a content marketing company in Los Angeles. I have a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Texas and a Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University. My freelance work has been published on Forbes.com, the now-defunct Chicago Sun-Times, and The Alcalde.


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