#BeWell: The Joy of Quiet

The internet is both a wondrous and difficult, disturbing thing. There is too much soulless content out there, but there are also some gems. Enter #BeWell, a weekly roundup of inspiring, thought-provoking, and fun articles to help/inspire/motivate you to cultivate the well in your life.

The Joy of Quiet – New York Times

If you haven’t listened to Pico Iyer’s TED Talk, do. In this oldie (from 2011) but goodie article, Iyer riffs on the importance of those quiet moments and places where unplug from modern life.

Nothing makes me feel better — calmer, clearer and happier — than being in one place, absorbed in a book, a conversation, a piece of music. It’s actually something deeper than mere happiness: it’s joy, which the monk David Steindl-Rast describes as “that kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens.

Q&A with Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Leah Cullis

While reading this Q&A I realized that I practiced with Leah at Wanderlust Yoga in Austin several times while I lived there. I remember her calm, centered presence, and the way she just seemed to glow. I found her inspiring then, just as I do now.

We always have a choice about how we’re showing up in life. In every moment and in every pose, we can choose to expand or contract. Nothing is fixed because we have that choice. My highest aim is to expand love and light.

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like – New York Times 

I will never talk about calories here on BW| BW. They’re boring. And if you eat right, (mostly) irrelevant. Recovering from the holidays and a bout of colds, we’ve been ordering in a bit. But after reading this piece, I couldn’t get back in the kitchen fast enough.

Work Around the Weird: Design Ideas for Tricky-to-Decorate Spaces – Apartment Therapy

This piece gave me long-needed epiphany to move my little desk under a window. Life changing. I used to sit anywhere but my desk – couch, kitchen table, bed – but now it’s my second favorite spot in my house. It’s amazing what some natural light can do.

Inspirational Street Art Every New Yorker Needs to See – Well + Good 

If you start seeing “In Pursuit of Magic” graffiti popping up in Los Angeles, I’ve become a positivity vandal.


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