#BeWell: The Simple Things

#BeWell is a weekly roundup of inspiring, thought-provoking, and fun articles to help/inspire/motivate you to cultivate the well in your life.

I am a compulsive email checker in recovery. There is nothing that important or urgent happening in my life that I need to check my email every five minutes. If something urgent does happen, I’ll assume that it’s worthy of a call. I now try to check my email at only points throughout the day where I can actually take care of what’s in there, which is not standing in line at the grocery store, or waiting for my yoga class to start.

But what is my new non-compulisve-email-checking self supposed to do with a few minutes to spare here and a few more there? Fast Company suggests seventeen ways to spend this time, including listening to my favorite song, saying hello to someone, closing my eyes, and reaching out to someone I love.

For me, Sundays are sacred–not in a religious sense, but for the soul. I love getting up early, going hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains with my husband and my dog, reading and taking a nap in the mid-afternoon sun that drapes my bed, and closing the weekend with a yoga class. So, it will come as no surprise, that I totally geeked out over how these yogis spend their Sundays.

Traveling to exotic places, getting a huge promotion, and buying a house are fun and all (although I’ve never done the latter), but I find that it’s the everyday “little things” that bring me joy. Losing track of time in the kitchen, my morning routine, chatting with a neighbor, or the little piece of dark chocolate that I have every night after dinner. Right now it’s all Vosges Super Dark with Pomegranate and Goji for me.

After two weeks spent driving up the Australian coast car camping and surfing with her husband and son, one of my best friends shared with me that she realized how simple life could be–you don’t need all the stuff and social engagements to feel alive and to be happy. I don’t recommend adopting all seven of these rules to keep life simple (I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day), but I do like the idea of getting the important stuff done before anything else and treating every activity as a sacred ritual.

Be well…

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