Feed Me: Big Vegan Bowl

Welcome to Feed Me Fridays, which is all about recipes for tasty, clean food. Full disclosure: Recipe creation is not (yet) my strength. What I do best is find really good recipes, which can be surprisingly difficult with so many food bloggers and resources, and test them in my own kitchen.

I recently re-fell in love with cooking after more than three years of a somewhat ambivalent relationship with it. I thank part of this renewed joy of being in the kitchen to my transition to a more plant-based diet.

I grew up 95 percent vegetarian (we would have turkey on Christmas and we ate fish), but have eaten meat for the last ten years. When I started experimenting with meat, my philosophy was that if I wasn’t going to eat it, that would be my decision and not simply because I was raised a certain way. I married a guy from a meat-loving family and all was well for awhile. But then I read The China Study and realized that reading the book gave me no choice (you can’t remove information from your brain)–I was going to eat as plant-based as possible.

So, I got on Oh She Glows for some inspiration and this Big Vegan Bowl caught my eye. It appeared easy enough to prepare most of the ingredients beforehand and just assemble when I was ready for lunch–and it was. And perhaps more importantly it was delicious and made me feel good. I’ve eaten it three times this week. Here’s the recipe.

Be well.

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