#PassionProject: From Corporate Life to Yoga Life (Casey Van Zandt)

When I first met Casey Van Zandt, yoga teacher and executive coach/consultant, a few years ago, she was working long hours at a big corporate job. Since then, she left the corporate world, completed yoga teacher training, started her own consultancy, and teaches yoga. Casey is living her passion and I’m honored and inspired to feature her… Continue reading

#BeWell: The Joy of Quiet

The internet is both a wondrous and difficult, disturbing thing. There is too much soulless content out there, but there are also some gems. Enter #BeWell, a weekly roundup of inspiring, thought-provoking, and fun articles to help/inspire/motivate you to cultivate the well in your life.

Run for the Hills

“Sometimes it is the wonderful life, the life of abundant friends and extended family and true love, that makes you want to run screaming for the hills.” (Ann Patchet, “Do Not Disturb,” This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage) Aw, the holidays. There is nothing like endless Christmas parties, infinite gifts that need to… Continue reading