“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha

There is a not-so-distant time of my life where these words would have put me into a panic to do more, not less.

I would have tried to make it all happen at once. I would have gone on a “doing” spree. But luckily these words came into my life at a time where my body and my mind were both telling me to slow the “F” down, and all the doing was making me miserable.

So, when I saw these words with a little illustration on the wall at my yoga studio, it kind of seemed like the Buddha was speaking directly to me (he’s magical like that).

That you “think you have time” and that you really do not isn’t meant to scare you (or be morbid). It’s meant to inspire you to realize that there is only right now, this moment, to embody who you want to be and how you want to live.

Do you want to be calm? At peace? Full of love? A better friend? Healthier? Happier? Every moment you have an opportunity to choose how you will show up in this life, this now. All you have is this moment until you are granted another…. and hopefully another… and another. But you don’t know for sure, that there will be more. All you know, all you have, all that is truly yours is right now. Own it.

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