Get Lost: How To Make Your Adventures Happen

If you’re anything like me (neurotic?), you have a whole list of things you’d like to do and try — everything from checking out a recommended wine shop in West Hollywood to road tripping to Joshua Tree National Park. But, when an opportunity to do one of these many things – ie. free time – presents itself you are either overwhelmed by the choices or can’t remember what’s on your list.

Enter the adventure bowl. We (me and my husband) wrote down all of the things we want to try/do/enjoy doing on little pieces of paper – like get sandwiches from EggSlut in Downtown LA, go wine tasting, plan a dinner party, take Emory (our pup) to a new dog park, go camping, try a new cuisine, get reflexology… you get the idea – folded the pieces of paper up and put them in a wooden salad bowl we don’t use all that often, our adventure bowl.

Each week, or more often if life allows, we draw three cards from the bowl and pick one of the three things to do. This week, we’re tackling two: trying a new cuisine (Moe Deli’s “Jewenese” egg rolls) and checking out the coconut ice cream trend at Kippy’s! in Venice.

And there is one adventure bowl rule: You must pick one of the three things that you draw to do that week. No exceptions.

Happy adventuring!


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